Filter Sleeves

Findex Filtration specializes in the production and marketing of a wide range of filter sleeves or pockets.

To make filtering sleeves and pockets, we use agglomerated felt and fabric of various compositions of natural fibers such as cotton and wool or synthetic fibers such as polypropylene, polyamide, acrylic, polyester, aramidic, sulfar (pps) and ptfe.

Both the sleeves and the filter pockets are packed or welded according to the application requirements.

For particular applications, impregnation of felt or fabric is performed in the following chemical solutions:

  • High content of fluorinated resins and ptfe;
  • Silicone resins;
  • Thermocouple of a porous ptfe membrane;
  • Antistatic felt with stainless steel fibers.

Such treatments make the media water-repellent and oleophobic filter, resistant to high temperatures and non-stick; More efficient and suitable for applications where there is a considerable presence of moisture in the flue gases.