Turbulent Flow Absolute Filters


Absolute air filters are manufactured with the highest quality standards and efficiency to ensure high performance in terms of air cleanliness and flow rate.

Absolute filters comply with EN 1822 and are tested individually.
Absolute filters are built with a water-repellent glass microfiber filter medium and can have a galvanized steel frame or MDF.

Absolute filters are used in all sterile environments in general and where there is a need for certain air cleaning and therefore controlled contamination.


FAFT-Absolute Filters for Turbulent Flows


FAFT-Filtri Assoluti per Flussi Turbolenti
Sp. 150 MDF frame
Sp. 150 Zinc plated frame
Sp. 292


FAP-Absolute polydimeter filters


FAP-Filtri Assoluti polidiedro
Eff. E10-E12  Eff. H13-H14