Oleodynamic Filters

Hydraulic Filters are required in all hydraulic circuits to maintain the oil with certain cleaning characteristics, which ensure the smooth operation of the hydraulic system itself.

I filtri oleodinamici possono essere impiegati in vari punti dell'impianto. Infatti sono disponibili:

  • Suction filters in suction
  • Hydraulic Filters in Delivery
  • Drainage hydraulic filters


Le principali caratteristiche dei filtri oleodinamici sono:

  • High mechanical strength
  • Construction with quality materials
  • Maximum filtration efficiency


We also have a wide range of filter elements for oleodynamic filters, both of the most widely used and interchangeable brands of the highest quality and adaptable to your needs.

Portate: Until 6000 m3h
Filtrazione: From 1 to 2000 µm
Pressioni: Low, medium, high up to 700 bar
Tipologie: Simplex, Duplex
Materiali: Aisi 304/316, Carbon steel, Aluminum

Hydraulic Filters  pdf