Process filters

In a vast field like process fluids, Findex filtration is able to provide a wide range of products

Filtering elements

Filters: 0.1 μm up to 1000 μm
Typologies: wrapped wire, melt blown, pleated, cylindrical, lenticular, sintered, coalescing, special
Materials: Polypropylene, Cotton, Polyester, Glass Fiber, Aisi 304 / 316L, Phenolic Resins, Activated Carbon

Filter bags

Fillings: 1 μm absolute up to 1000μm
Types: Snap ring, Plasty-guard, Duobag, LongLife, Assobag, Special versions
Materials: polyester, polypropylene, monofilament nylon, monofilament, PTFE, Nomex


Flow rate: Up to 960 m3h
Types: Single Cartridge, Multicart, Monocoque, Multiswitch, Linens, Sanitary
Materials: Aisi 304/316 / 316L, Polypropylene, PVC, CPVC

Self-cleaning Filters:

Flow rates: up to 800 m3h
Filters: 25 μm up to 2000 μm
Types: semi-automatic, automatic
Materials: Aisi 304/316, Aluminum, Carbon Steel

Basket Filters:

Flow rate: Up to 200 m3h
Filters: 25 μm up to 2000 μm
Typologies: Simplex, Duplex, Special Executions
Materials: Aisi 304/316 / 316L, PVC, Carbon Steel, Cast Iron