Containers for Filter Cartridges

Filter cartridge containers are industrial filters necessary for filtering all process fluids.

Filter cartridge containers can be constructed in a variety of materials depending on their applications.

Containers for filter cartridges are available in

  • Polypropylene
  • PVC
  • Stainless steel AISI 304 / 316L


Industrial filters filter cartridge containers are manufactured in different construction types to adapt to different sectors and plants:

  • Industrial Filters Single Cartridges
  • Industrial Filters Multi-Carton Containers
  • Industrial Filters Sanitary Containers
  • Industrial Filters Container Liners


On request you can also make industrial filters containers for filter cartridges with dimensions and design-specific configurations.


MLCT-AISI 316 Multicart Steel Containers


MLCT-AISI 316 Multicart Steel Containers
3/7    15/22   40/60