Filter sleeves

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To make sleeves and filter pockets, we use needle-punched felts and fabrics of various compositions from natural fibres such as cotton and wool or from synthetic fibres such as polypropylene, polyamide, acrylic, polyester, aramid, sulfar (pps), and ptfe.
Both sleeves and filter pockets are stitched or heat-sealed according to application requirements.
For specific applications, felt or fabric impregnation treatments are carried out using the following chemical solutions:

  • high fluorinated resin and ptfe content;
  • silicone resins;
  • thermo-coupling of a porous ptfe membrane;
  • antistatic felt cloths with stainless steel fibres.

These treatments make the filter media water-repellent and oleophobic, resistant to high temperatures and non-stick. More efficient and suitable for applications where there is considerable moisture in fumes.

Typical applications

  • Asphalt and carbon black industry
  • Incinerators
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Steel mills and foundries
  • Cement plants and quarries
  • Food industry
  • Wine industry
  • Sugar factories
  • Galvanic
  • Petrochemical industry and industry in general
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