The experience gained over the years and the attention to the development of technologies and materials allows us to carry out the study and design of filter elements, containers and special filtration systems according to customer specifications, from sizing for new or existing systems to identification of materials compatible with the process.


We produce special filters and filter elements, suitable for satisfying any type of filtration problem. We do it with the most suitable materials and with the most advanced techniques on the market.

The flexibility and ductility of our production system allows us to produce customized solutions, both from a technical point of view based on customer specifications, and from a commercial point of view with white label solutions.

progettazione filtri speciali
special filters production

The production of special filters takes place at our subsidiary VS Filtri, and involves several stages:

Throughout the process, production is carefully controlled to ensure the best quality, and to avoid delays or any issue in the use of the products by the customer.

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