Automatic stainless steel filters with suction pads

FAR-HP filters are self-cleaning mesh filters suitable for the treatment of fluids containing suspended solids, including those of a colloidal nature. Special suction pads ensure effective cleaning of the filter element with low water consumption and no interruption in flow. FAR filters are unlike other filters because they have a stainless steel body and cleaning unit, which makes them highly resistant and durable. Depending on installation requirements, 3 different construction configurations Y, L and O can be selected. The inner cartridge is available with filter fabric in polyester (PES) sandwiched between two AISI 316 stainless steel mesh supports or completely in AISI 316 stainless steel in the REPS triple layer version. These solutions provide a range of filtration from 810 up to 25 μm. The filters are supplied ready for use with valves, pressure gauges and electronic controller.

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